is a web design and digital marketing agency in kenya founded by Nelson N. Ontita.The main goal of the agency is to provide clients with high quality services that they can count on.  The agency come along with a motive to help corporates grow there brands online through social media ,email marketing ,article writing and so forth.

We are happy to say that we have been able to get loyal clients all over the world and most of them are satisfied with our services .To add on that ,we invite individuals to partner with us on any project that they feel we can contribute .

We as the Technish team appreciate all our clients for walking with us through out this journey. Feel free to hit us up through our email and will get back to you. (

Some of the services we offer are :

  1. web design
  2. Site transfer ( migration )
  3. content writing
  4. Search engine optimisation
  5. Email marketing among others