Google adsense approval in kenya

How To Apply And Get Approved For Google Adsense In Kenya 2019

This is my story of how I got approved on google adsense and how long it took. To this end I hope you already have a blog or youtube channel thats getting some organic traffic. Its sad that many people get rejected from google adsense when they apply.This is because people miss out on the eligibility requirements for adsense like having Copyrighted material on their site which is against the rules.

For me when I started out creating content for, I had no idea if I was going to get approved. After writing almost 30 articles in about 5 months, I decided to apply for google adsense. My first application got rejected due copyright material. The only solution for that was to remove all copyright content. I did so and after a few days I got accepted.

What am trying to say from that short story is that if you want to get approved, don’t have even a single page or post with copyrighted material. Do extensive research and right your content from scratch instead of going to other peoples website and copying everything to your blog or site. Remember to also ask yourself this question.Will this content provide value to my readers?

There are many blogs out there telling you that you need these amount of traffic to get accepted, those are total lies. I got accepted with less than 100 visitors a day. All advice you to mostly follow google adsencse policies and avoid what bloggers are writing.

Here are the requirements or very important things you need to do before you apply for google adsense

1. Start a blog or youtube channel.
2. Avoid copyrighted material at all cost.
3. You must have a privacy policy page that disclose that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browsers, or using web beacons to collect
information as a result of ad serving on your website.
4.You must disclose clearly any data collection, sharing and usage that takes place on your site on the privacy policy page.
5.Add an about and contact page on your blog.
6.Make sure you have some organic traffic (100 unique visitors a day).
7.Make sure the design of your site is clean and easy to navigate from one page to another.
8.Have at least 10-20 well written content that’s above 700 words.

Bottom line is you need to create high quality content written from scratch for you to get approved. Having copyright material in your blog is the main reason why people get rejected. Avoid it at all cost. If you need any assistance concerning the topic, feel free to leave them on the comments down below or through mail. All be more than ready to help you get approved on google adsense.

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