How to increase Traffic to your blog in kenya

This post is for individuals who have started blogging but have no idea how to increase traffic to there blogs. Why is traffic important to your blog? the answer is No traffic no business, it’s simple as that. Let say you have opened a shop in a highly populated area, definitely, you will have a large number of customers but if you open in a place with low population, you will have few customers and therefore low business. I don’t know if that makes sense.

There are several tactics you can use to grow your traffic which am gonna share with you in a moment. But fast, You should be aware that publishing even twice weekly then sitting back and waiting for traffic won’t work.

You should have a marketing strategy for you to get more traffic to your blog here in Kenya. Let me share with you my story. When I started out I used to post articles three time a week. I could do keyword research and on-page SEO but I didn’t get results. Am not saying that this stratengies are not good, but what am saying is that it wasn’t enough to get me the traffic I wanted .

So I did my research online and found out other methods you can use to grow your traffic.

Comment on other peoples blog.

Make sure that you have your gravatar profile well set when commenting on other blogs. Add the logo of your blog as the image of your gravatar profile. This will make sure that people recognize your brand and even want to check out your blog. Your comments should also add value to the topic of discussion.

Join facebook groups

Look for Facebook groups that may be interested in your niche. Make sure that you not only post links to those groups but be an active member by contributing frequently.

Blog about a famous person

Blogging about Raila Odinga or other famous person can really skyrocket your traffic. You can share things people didn’t know about the individual or you can post a controversial article.

Advertise on facebook

Facebook understands your audience and enables you to target your content to them.  If you want a lot of traffic and generate more leads then this is the perfect method.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is simply writing an article for another blog. You should reach out to blogs that have a large number of subscribers and traffic as well, and request to write an article for them in return you get a link back to your blog.

Don’t forget to optimise your blog for search engines

Search engines is your number one source of traffic. Make sure that you do keyword research and optimize an individual blog post for them to rank well in major search engines like google.

Create an ultimate/comprehensive  guide

Search engines like google favor long post with 2000-4000 words and tend to rank more.  Writing comprehensive Guides that bring value to users can really boost your traffic.

Write for scanners

Most People don’t have the time to read all the words in a blog post. So make sure your articles are presentable by using heading and sub-heading ,bullets,bolding text and so on . This will eventually boost your traffic.

Participate in Q&A sites

Q&A sites like Quora, and StackExchange receive a lot of traffic for the feedback they give people. This can be a very good source of traffic to your blog by contributing and answering some of the Questions and finally linking back to your blog for more information.

Bottom line :Never give up

A recent study showed that 95% of blogs fail due to low readership. If you want to succeed, be patient, stick to your schedule and post more regularly.

We as the Technish team wish you success in your blogging journey.

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Hi, I read this article and though uhh! Yeah writing about personalities like Raila may bring in lots of traffic. But the problem is that its short lived. I been blogging for 3 month now and I can tell you that I know what works and what does not. As you say, no traffic, no business. That is so. I would write about anything and everything. I failed miserably. But i discovered that i need to do serious keyword research. Some keyword are just a waste of time to rank for. I avoid such and focus on high volume but… Read more »