How to withdraw funds from paypal to equity account

How to withdraw Funds from paypal to your Equity bank account 2019

You can now withdraw funds from your Paypal account to your Equity Bank account in Kenya by linking your Equity Bank account to your Paypal Kenya account.


1. You must have a paypal account.
2. You must Register with the equity self service portal and get an account.
3. You must link your bank account to the self service portal.
3. Equity Bank has a $10,000 USD transaction limit.
4. Ensure that your bowser is enabled for “pop ups”.
5. You can only link one PayPal account to one Bank Account.

Step by step process of how to withdraw funds from paypal to Equity bank account

1. Login to the  Equity self service portal
2. Next click on Paypal on the left bar.

3. Type in your paypal email address

4. Select bank account to link with.

5. Accept the terms and conditions and finally click the link account button.

6. A pop up window will appear. Key in your paypal account password and click the Authorize button.
7. You will then be directed back to the equity self service page where your get a message that your paypal account has been successfully linked.


8. Before you withdraw funds from paypal to equity bank account, lets check our paypal balance.
9. To check your balance select your paypal email and submit request

10. To withdraw funds, click on withdraw service > select your paypal account > Enter amount to withdraw in USD > click accept button.

11. You will get a confirmation message that the withdrawal is successfull.

12. That’s it, you have successfully withdrawn funds from paypal to equity account.
13. Your bank account will be credited within 3 Business days

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