withdraw money from paypal to mpesa

How to Withdraw Money From paypal To your Mpesa Account

Before you withdraw money from paypal to your mpesa account,first you need to link your paypal account with your mpesa account.
Therefore let me show you how to do that…

1. You need to create a paypal account.
2. Once you have an account, visit the paypal-mobilemoney website(https://www.paypal-         mobilemoney.com/m-pesa)

3. Click on the login button.
4. Use the email and password you use to login to your paypal account.

5. Agree with the terms of service.

6. Enter your mobile number to link your paypal account with your mpesa account.

7. You will recieve a confirmation code via SMS.
8. Enter the code received on your phone to complete the registration.
9. Then hit the confirm button. Thats it you have successfully linked your mpesa and paypal accounts.

How to withdraw money from paypal to your mpesa account

1. On the home page click withdraw from paypal.
2.You will see the available balance from your paypal account.
3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw then click Continue to withdraw.
4. You will see the amount converted to kenyan shillings as well as the time it will take for the transaction to be processesd.
5. To complete the transaction ,click confirm.

How to Top up your paypal account from Mpesa.

1. Click on Top up to paypal.
2. Use the calculator to know the amount of money you need to transfer from mpesa to paypal.
3. Open mpesa from your phone.
4. Select lipa na mpesa then paybill.
5. Enter 800088 as the business number and your mobile number as the account number.
6. Enter amount then your pin and click send.
7. Thats it,you will receive an SMS confirming that USD was added to you paypal account.

You will be charged 3% of the total amount converted from USD to kenyan shillings during withrawal. You will also be charged 4% of the total amount your sending to paypal.
Current M-PESA transaction limits apply. (Kes. 70,000 per transaction and Kes. 140,000 per day.)

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