On Site Seo:Beginners Guide To Optimise Blog Post (2019)

On site SEO is an important ranking factor in 2019.

Each and every blog post should be optimized for on page SEO.

In this article am going to show you what works and what doesn’t in 2019.

So let’s jump in…

1.Keyphrases Rules[keywords]

  • Make sure your keyphrase density is not too low. Mention it at least 4-5 times in your blog post. Focus on it.
  • Always use your focus keyword or keyphrase in your seo title.It should also be at the beginning of the title ie if your focus keyphrase is on page seo then your seo title should be like [ On page Seo: Beginners Guide (2019)].
  • Your keyphrases should appear in your subheading [h2].
  • When writing your first paragraph make sure your keyword appears on it.  Even try to move it at the beginning of the sentence. Google pays more attention to the first words .
  • Your slug and meta description should also contain the focus keyword.
  • More important is to focus on long term keywords .
  • In my own opinion and experience ,the best free keyword research tool is the Google keyword planner. make sure you make good use of it.


  • When writing your blog post make sure to add enough Internal links.Find words that can easily be transformed into links.
  • By linking your pages and blog post makes it easy for users and even google bots to find your pages or post and rank them.
  • Outbound links are also another important factor. Always make a habit of linking to other resources on other websites. Research shows that those websites that link to other websites tend to rank higher than those which don’t.


You should always include relevant images when writing your blog post. Google now ranks images according to the focus keyword in the ALT attribute.You don’t want to miss chances of your images being ranked . Aternative text also makes sure that when your image fails to load , a text appears on behalf of the image to explain the content of the image.

4. Use 300 words And Above.

Google tends to rank pages with more content on a certain topic higher than those which cover the same topic but with less information. If possible, make ultimate guides with over 2000 words.

5. Meta Description

A meta description is what appears below the SOE title and basically describes what the post is all about. Make sure to make it short but creative. A well-written meta description together with a good title can increase your click through rate and therefore boost your rankings. You should also include the focus keyword on the meta description.

6.Write for scanners

As you can see this post contains enough subheadings. When people click on your article they tend to scan through and see if the article contains information they want. The only way to make them stay and therefore reduce bounce rate is to have creative subheadings and bold important points. Also your introduction should contain a summary of the topics you’re going to cover. Don’t write plain text from start to finish because they tend to be boring to read.

7. Read your post before publishing

You don’t want your readers to see careless spelling and grammatical errors. Go through your article and solve the errors you find to make it look professional. I personally use Grammarly when writing my articles as it helps me avoid spelling mistakes and grammar issues.


After you hit the publish button ,now its time to share your blog post with your friends on social media platforms. For example, if you have many followers on Twitter ,now is a good time to inform them of the article you have just written. If your post doesn’t get enough engagement you won’t rank pretty well .Google ranks pages with comments more than those which don’t have engagements. Make sure your friends also share and like .

Final word

To succeed in doing on-site SEO, don’t rush to finish your blog post. Instead have a strategy how you will incorporate your keywords, title, and subheading among others. Remember that content is king. When you have well-written content chances are your visitors will trust you and visit your site again and again. That’s it for now, check out my article on how to start a blog .

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